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All 3 girls' wit and wisdom saved for posterity


I’m in shock. I don’t know why, exactly, but 5 seems big. It seems like “I can’t believe we made it this far.” It feels like there are no more babies, no more toddlers, no more pre-schoolers. Everyone is big and competent and self-sufficient.

Alison has a vocabulary bigger than mine. She uses words like ‘narrow’ and ‘impressive’ and ‘dammit’ 🙂 And she uses them correctly – always. She is the sweetest, kindest soul; always telling me “I love to spend time with you Mommy” and “Thank you for feeding us Mommy” (seriously). But when Ali’s mad – look out! I still maintain if pushed far enough she would kill me in my sleep. With a grin.

Rebecca is a clown. She too has no trouble expressing herself, but would rather be funny than nice. Becca is more even than Ali, not so much sweet and then homicidal, just a 4 year old with moods.

Watching these 2 grow up is amazing. Yes, twins are harder. Yes, twins are more expensive (2 for the price of 1, my ass!). But mostly, twins are easier to compare to each other. It’s almost impossible to judge them on their merits rather than against each other. Each of these two have their own personality, and they are both good girls and smart. But there will always be the question of who is better in math and who is better in sports. It’s the curse of multiples.

Happy birthday A&B. We love you more than more than ever.

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Repost from SMO

Yes, the girls are 11 months old today. Hard to believe we’ve made it this far. Cassidy will be 4 in March and is the BEST big sister. She loves to play with the babies and when she doesn’t she just tells me “Mom, I’m closing my door so I can play by myself.” Can’t really argue with that! Cass is learning to read and loves to spend time playing babies or Legos.

My ‘middle’ child, Ali, is sweetness incarnate – except when she’s biting me or her sister! She is always smiling, so you can see her 4(!) top teeth and thinks everything is funny. Ali is more stationary than her “little” sister but does go missing every now and then. I’m pretty sure she has said “ball” and “Cass” a couple times.  

Becca (or Bulldozer) is into EVERYTHING. She’s been pulled off of tables, out of every cabinet we have and even out of the fireplace! She likes to climb up on things and then look around to see who’s watching. She will take off as soon as a gate is opened and can get up the steps just as quickly as Cass (while Ali is putting her head down on each step so someone will carry her!). Becca also started walking this week!  

If I wished for the best kids in the world, then my wish has been granted. They all play nicely, rarely cry and sleep through the night FINALLY!!!





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The night before…

Pre-K! The twins start pre-k tomorrow so I took this opportunity to ask them some questions.

Me to Becca: What do you want to be when you grow up?
B (singing): a ROCK STAR!
Me: What does a rock star do?
B (pantomiming a microphone): SING!
Me: Are you going to have kids?
B: No.
Me: Why not?
B: So I can get in my car and drive away.

Me to Ali: What are you going to be when you grow up?
A: A Magician so we have to get a real Magician costume and a real Magician wand.
Me: Ok, I’ll look for those. Are you going to have kids?
A: Yes, I’ll have a baby when I grow up
Me: A girl baby or a boy baby?
A: A girl baby. Boys don’t like baths, and I want to give my baby baths.

So there you have it. A rock star and a magician.

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The pill?!

Driving in the car talking about being old enough to take pills instead of liquid medicine.

+ walking in the parking lot talking about being old enough to not hold hands.

= “If I’m old enough to not hold hands, I’m old enough to take the pill.”

Um. Ok.

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How do you know it’s been too long since you’ve posted?

When you can’t remember the name of the blog and have to check your home page on Facebook.

Wow, do I suck!

Yes, it’s now 2015. Alison and Rebecca turned 4 last month. We had multiple small family parties and they thought life was grand. Cake and presents, some balloons thrown in and they were thrilled. Ali is the sweet one, she only gets her ‘homicidal’ face when you cross her. She got so mad at me one day she kicked me in the shin. And then she looked as shocked as I did. For the most part she goes with the flow. Ali likes to go out: shopping with Mom, errands with Dad, lunch with Aunt Sandie, she’ll do just about anything.

Becca is the funny one, our class clown. She makes animal noises, tells jokes and is fairly cranky. She also doesn’t like to do things she isn’t good at and wants to take ballet cause she’s had enough of gymnastics. Occasionally, the twins can be seen holding hands walking in the mall or even out back, but for the most part they do their own thing.

Cassidy just turned 7. She’s addicted to her iPad, gets straight As and glowing comments on her report card and can do math in her head. She loves to read, but hates to write (too hard!) and hasn’t missed a spelling word all year. Yes, I’m bragging, because I work hard getting that homework done! Cassidy is a master negotiator which regularly leads to he being punished for ‘badgering.’ No answer is good enough. She is mostly kind to her sisters, although she knows how to push their buttons and occasionally gets so frustrated she growls at them. (Lots of animal noises around here.) Cassidy loves the outdoors and animals and her favorite toys right now are her digi-birds that sing and talk. She was taking gymnastics and ice skating until she fractured the growth plate in her ankle last weekend (walking out of gymnastics). I know it’s too early to predict, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a zookeeper or veterinarian.

The best is when all 3 girls are getting along and having a good time. It never lasts long but it does happen. They’re good girls, mostly kind, definitely smart and crazy funny. Not much else I can ask for. Until next year… (just kidding, probably only 6 months or so…)

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Matteo already said he was going to marry me. I need to marry the boy I know the longest cause that way I know him best. Doesn’t that make sense Mom?

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Kindergarten Graduation

I know, I know, I haven’t been here in forever! Luckily most of our lives are documented on Facebook. They better never go out of business 😉

Cassidy graduated from Kindergarten this week. I made sure to finally ask her some life questions that I can update as she grows:

  1. What is something that you can teach someone? I can remind them to get a straw if they’re a milker (i.e. buy milk at lunch).
  2. If you were a sound, what sound would you be? Brrrrrrrr (elephant)
  3. What is your favorite memory from this year? When me and Lyla cracked up. And me and Ani cracked up, but Lyla’s was more funny.
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom teacher.

The highlight of graduation for me was the award she earned. Way back in November, Cass came home with a test that she only received 80% on. She was pretty upset as she had only received 100s up to that point. I told her that I never cared what grade she got as long as she tried her best. We talked about it for a little bit and I had no idea if she heard or understood what I was saying. At the award ceremony, Mrs. Weaver said “the student who won this award always tries her best. She always participates and puts forth her best effort. And it hasn’t been easy since she broke her arm.” Cass thought it was great that all the kids said “Cassidy!” (Not a lot of broken arms to choose from.) I couldn’t have been happier if I had planned that!

It was a great year and we love RA. Can’t wait until August 🙂


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Cass’ 5th birthday

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Musician Doctor

Are you going to be a mom? Yes, I’ll have 1 girl and 1 boy.Image

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Becca is 2 today. She is always smiling for the camera. She is always running or jumping somewhere. She was the first to the ER and will likely be the most frequent. She is my parrot – always repeating what I say. She loves her bike and always wants to play “ouside! ouside!” She loves Super Why (on PBS) and Mickey Mouse. Becca loves to play kitchen or with dolls. She’s also been telling Ali (and me) “I hep you” and then helping us with whatever we are doing.


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Ali is 2 today. Ali is our floppy walker, space cadet, beanie baby. She flies around the kitchen with her arms wide and singing to herself. She talks less than her sisters, but sings more. She loves to play with baby dolls and balls and crayons. She cries less frequently than Becca but harder and longer when she does. She has to have her cat to go to sleep and usually wakes up with a smile.


Alison Jamie January 2013

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